Epic road trial for printed solar

An EV will be test driven 15,000 km round Australia to test printed solar. Printed solar has been in development at the University of Newcastle for 27 years and could someday be incorporated into the body of an electric vehicle

A pioneering environmental supporter will become the initial consumer to road test advanced printed solar cells, on an unbelievable electric vehicle road trip around Australia.

Stuart McBain will undertake the historic campaign; Charge Around Australia, to support electric vehicle (EV) usage, whilst delivering the most extensive test to date for the advanced solar cells, designed at the University of Newcastle.

The chartered accountant from Liverpool in the UK has traded the overcast cold climate of home for the shining hot outback, as he sets off from Newcastle for a lap of Australia.

Inside the electric vehicle are rolls of printed solar that will be employed to assist power the car on its 15 000 km trip.

The fundamental challenges for printed organic photovoltaics are effectiveness and resilience, the Charge Around Australia project details. It says comprehensive economic modelling has discovered that with even moderate device efficiency and also life-times, large area oriented solar tech is able to compete with fossil fuel power.

To view more details go to https://chargearoundaustralia.com/charge-around-australia-test-drive/

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