Youtube Keyword Optimisation

Tips For YouTube Keyword Optimization

Using high-volume keywords is important for your channel, but they’re hard to rank for. Rather, try to target a smaller niche to connect better with your audience. By targeting a smaller audience, you can improve your results and reach. Listed below are some tips to use when creating a keyword strategy for your channel. Let’s get started. Listed below are some ways to optimize your videos for YouTube. To learn more, read on.

Video description

When it comes to optimizing your YouTube video descriptions, it pays to have relevant links and keywords in them. Adding relevant links to your video descriptions can lead to continued engagement, whether it’s with your social media accounts or your online store. You can also link to your YouTube channel in the description if you want to promote your brand or products. When placing links, make sure to use the correct format, including https:// or http:// at the beginning of the link address. If possible, use a descriptive link at the end of the description. Make sure to use the proper URL format for these links – you can use the default settings to save time.

Using a descriptive title is a great way to grab viewers’ attention. Video descriptions are usually displayed at the bottom of search results, so make sure they’re easy to read. If you’re e-commerce, include a URL that leads to your product page. Using a descriptive title will also increase the chances of a potential customer clicking on the link. Also, try to use different keywords for different video types – e-commerce websites should use http:// to link to their store.

To optimize your video for YouTube, use your target keyword at least two to three times. Too many times can get you flagged for keyword stuffing, which is against YouTube’s policy. Use your primary keyword once or twice in the title and two to three times in the description. Use secondary keywords to increase your chances of ranking for additional search terms. You can use both keywords in the description as hashtags at the end of the video, but don’t make it look spammy. Your description should tell viewers what to expect when they visit your channel and how often you’ll upload new videos.

As with SEO, keyword research is essential for video descriptions. In general, you can use Google’s Keyword Planner to find popular keyword phrases, and then use them in the description. Try to include your primary keyword at least two to three times in the video title. The first 200 characters of the description are considered “above the fold” and appear in the search results. Therefore, make use of keyword research tools that will help you get the best results.


If you have a YouTube channel, you should use the hashtag to optimize it. YouTube uses tags to give context to your videos and determine search results. Tags should contain your target keywords and be relevant to the content of your videos. However, you must know the order of adding the tags. The first tag should be the target keyword. You can use up to 20 tags. It is recommended to have at least 5 relevant tags per video.

A hashtag can help your content appear higher in search results when a visitor searches for a hashtag related to your content. One example is when a viewer watches a video related to how to increase conversions, and then clicks the link to see other videos using the hashtag. If you want to optimize your video for YouTube, you need to use the hashtags that have the highest visibility. This can be done by following the trending videos on YouTube.

Besides helping YouTube understand your videos, hashtags can also help promote your content and channels. YouTube uses hashtags to associate videos with other content, so your video will appear higher in searches for related topics. In addition to helping viewers find your content, using hashtags will promote your channel for free. Once you’ve mastered the hashtags, it’s time to get started on YouTube optimization. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel!

YouTube has introduced new features for searchers to improve their experience. In addition to making search results easier to find, users also want to view hashtag pages in reverse chronological order. The use of hashtags in YouTube optimization is not limited to YouTube channels; it is also beneficial for smaller channels. However, it is important to choose the hashtags that are relevant to your videos and not offensive. So, start experimenting today and see how effective it can be for you.

Hashtags on YouTube are best used for categorizing and classifying content. If you’re a food brand, you could create a hashtag category for videos containing healthy recipes or vegan diet plans. You can also use hashtags based on popular genres or trending campaigns. Although hashtags are growing in popularity, you should not use them for old videos. This way, you can maximize your video’s exposure and reach.


If you’re looking for a YouTube optimization tool, TubeBuddy may be the answer. Its powerful SEO studio allows you to optimize your video’s thumbnail, title, description, tags, and more. It will show you which keywords are competing for the most views and clicks. It will even analyze your video’s competition to find the keywords that are most likely to drive the most traffic. There are several other benefits of TubeBuddy, and we’ll look at some of them.

A free version of TubeBuddy is not enough for video optimization. You’ll want to upgrade to the pro plan to get all of the features. The pro plan costs nine US Dollars per month and includes access to unlimited video optimization tools, Tag Lists, and Keyword Explorer. There’s also a mobile app to make your work faster and more efficient. However, it lacks certain features that a pro plan has, such as the ability to test video copies and publish them to Facebook.

One of the most important benefits of TubeBuddy is its ability to help you optimize your YouTube videos for search. It can help you identify more relevant keywords and help you increase your videos’ exposure. In addition to search engine optimization, TubeBuddy can help you increase your video’s popularity and attract more subscribers. It has a YouTube certified channel so you can trust its results. When you use TubeBuddy, you’ll gain more subscribers, and the Google algorithm will love you.

If you’re serious about video marketing and want to improve your video’s SEO, TubeBuddy is an excellent choice. This free tool is designed for serious YouTubers who want an all-in-one video optimization solution. With its advanced video editing tools and SEO-optimization features, TubeBuddy is an excellent choice for serious YouTubers. With its free trial, you can download a trial version for 30 days.

Embedding Your Videos

There are many reasons why it is important to have your YouTube videos embedded on websites. We are going to discuss three of those reasons.

The first reason is that it makes your videos more accessible to potential viewers. When people see your videos pop up on the websites they visit, they are more likely to click and watch them. This increases the chances that they will subscribe to your channel.

The second reason is that it helps with search engine optimization. Search engines like Google tend to rank embedded videos higher than those that are not. This means that people who are searching for topics related to your videos are more likely to stumble upon them.

The third reason is that it allows you to track viewer engagement. If you embed your videos on other websites, you can track how many people are watching them and how long they are watching them for. This information can be very valuable as it can help you improve your video content.

So there you have it, three reasons why having your YouTube videos embedded on  websites is important. If you are not doing it already, we suggest you start today! YTRankBoost – The quickest and easiest way to get your YouTube videos embedded on websites. You should also read our article: Why Embedding Videos On Websites Is Important


When is the best time to publish a YouTube video? The best time for any creator is different. The vidIQ YouTube optimization tool can help you figure out when your videos will reach their peak in terms of views. It does this by observing your subscribers’ behavior. The scorecard also includes information on how many people have subscribed to your channel and when you should publish your video. By understanding these metrics, you can make your videos more likely to receive high views.

Unlike traditional YouTube analytics, vidIQ provides a detailed look at the health of your YouTube channel. It allows you to view how many people have viewed your videos, how many subscribers you have, and where these people came from. VidIQ’s dashboard is also remarkably easy to use and is designed to be user-friendly. It has an intuitive web application and extension, and it can even help you avoid demonetization. The program is free to download, and comes with four different plans.

Another feature of VidIQ is its “Best Time to Post” feature. While this feature is exclusive to VidIQ, thousands of other similar tools do not have this feature. It allows you to see when your subscribers are online and active on YouTube. This feature can be an excellent tool for improving your videos’ views and making more money. The video optimization tool has a wide variety of features that can help you improve your video’s ranking on YouTube.

Apart from analyzing your videos and your audience, vidIQ also provides you with SEO solutions and marketing tools. Its insights will help you make smarter decisions regarding the best time to publish a video. Moreover, vidIQ provides you with a dashboard that helps you monitor your videos. Lastly, you can connect your YouTube account with VidIQ to get detailed information about how your videos are performing. It will also offer you a real-time YouTube Channel audit tool.

Another useful feature is the VidIQ extension, which allows you to track social media activities and build a personal audience-creator relationship. Using the vidIQ extension, you can easily monitor the performance of your YouTube videos and create customised responses to your audience’s comments. The vidIQ channel audit tool provides you with an instant YouTube report card that shows segmented metrics and recommendations. This allows you to see how your videos are performing, and make adjustments accordingly.